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$150,000 Liquid Capital Required

Own a business with a 5 day working week and a 24 hour, 365 day revenue stream? Then contact BarterCard today to learn more about receiving your initial and ongoing training program.

Bartercard USA

Why Us


At Bartercard, we aren’t seeking average entrepreneurs because our members deserve more than an average experience.


This is the once-in-a-generation opportunity an astute entrepreneur shouldn’t trade for anything.

Do you have the vision, acumen, work ethic, passion and net worth needed to join forces with the international industry leader in trade-exchanges?

Are you ready to own and manage today and tomorrow’s best business-to-business franchise?



At Bartercard, we aren’t in the business of selling franchisees. We are in the business of building upon our international success by working only with astute franchisees who are:


  • confident entrepreneurs who demand as much from themselves as they will from their franchisor. We have not become the international industry leader by welcoming franchisees who settle for anything but striving for excellence in all they do.
  • astute capitalists who want to own a business with a 5-day work week that still generates 24-hour, 365-day revenue streams. We believe that you cannot build true wealth if you are not earning money while you’re sleeping.
  • business professionals who recognize the critical importance of exceptional training, state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading systems. From our world-class trained people committed to going the extra mile to our proprietary system built on multi-dimensional mobile apps, centralized databases and real time accounting, we clearly recognize what has enabled us to be the industry’s gold standard and only accept individuals who will help to further enhance our worldwide brand.
  • dynamic individuals ready to take advantage of the marketing and promotional opportunities associated with the industry’s trendsetters. We realize that we can’t achieve our goals or yours if either of us is complacent and willing to stand still.
  • quality team players that understand the importance of being part of a national and international network of success. The power of your fellow franchisees is as critical to your success as yours is to theirs for a myriad of obvious reasons.


Why Bartercard?


  1. Bartercard is the brand, recognized as being the international industry leader in the trade-exchange business.
  2. Bartercard is far from an ‘overnight success,’ but rather a company that first created a new international currency in Australia in 1991.
  3. Bartercard, currently flourishing in 7 other countries, has the worldwide critical mass necessary (55,000+ current cardholders) to effectively launch new regional and unit franchises here in the United States.
  4. Bartercard provides its franchisees the opportunity to own a business with a 5-day work week, but multiple 24-hour, 365-day revenue streams.
  5. Bartercard continues to refine its state-of-the-art technology and systems,  ensuring that its members can capture their otherwise unrealized potential as well as maximize their ability to minimize their cash expenses.
  6. Bartercard prides itself on unleashing potential, but not franchisees, business development professionals or trade brokers until they have completed an exceptional and comprehensive training program.
  7. Bartercard is committed to ensuring that its franchisees have the continuous, seamless sales, marketing and promotional support than only an industry leader can provide.
  8. Bartercard rewards the entrepreneurial spirit, having built an effective franchise platform, built on master regional developers and city/unit owners.
  9. Bartercard, because of the benefits outlined here, provides its franchisees with opportunity to be part of a successful worldwide system that exceeds the expectations of its members, from the day a master regional developer completes his required multi-tiered training.
  10. Bartercard is a dynamic, forward thinking, technically astute company, based on the universal values of passion, innovation, professionalism, courtesy, respect, loyalty, unity and fun!


Bartercard USA has a clear mission of enhancing the lives of others and a commitment to expand across 20 geographic regions within America, consisting of over 300 franchises.


We can’t entirely explain our unique business model on one webpage.  Therefore, if you are an astute entrepreneur ready to find out how you can earn money while you sleep, please contact us.  You will receive an auto response email with our contact information.


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Bartercard USA

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