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A Right Place for Seniors

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$100,000 Liquid Capital Required

A Right Place for Seniors are senior consultants who fill the gap of a lack of quality matching of family and Assisted Living Facilities. Not home care, we offer guidance in the process of searching for the perfect Assisted Living Facility.

A Right Place for Seniors

Why Us


The hottest area in senior living – senior living referral franchise, with
huge profit potential and the leading team.


We are NOT home care. We ARE senior consultants who offer guidance in the process of searching for a great Assisted Living Facility. We are paid by the facilities and usually receive between 50%-100% of the first month’s rent. This is an Executive business model with very few employees. On special occasions this can be run by a semi-absentee owner.


Why the Senior Consulting Industry

  • Competition is light in a booming industry
  • Executive business model; not many moving parts
  • Give back to your community and feel good about what you do


Our Ideal Franchisee

A person who is looking to grow a significant business while giving back to the community. Must love people! This is a model that is all about relationships and hiring people that will get out in the community.



A Right Place for Seniors: A Meaningful Venture


We all want the best for our parents. But with 30,000 assisted living facilities in the United States, how do you know where your parent would feel truly at home? Sure, you can get a list of all of the residences in your area, or get a referral service. But does the residence have the things that are truly important to you and your family? And how would a personal introduction to the facility administrator, rather than a list of phone numbers feel?


With A Right Place for Seniors, we fill an enormous gap – the lack of quality matching of families and assisted living facilities.


Make an impact in your community. Give families and seniors the knowledge that they are truly in the best place for them. 



A Lucrative Opportunity within the Growing Assisted Living Industry



Currently, 1,000,000 residents live in 30,000 senior communities, and that number is projected to double by 20301. That’s a lot of move-ins!



Unlike home care, our model has minimal overhead, with most revenue turning right into profit.

And with a low start-up cost, you can hit your goals more quickly than you think!



Our executive team, top leaders in senior housing, developed a superior model and marketing tactics (ask us about our existing corporate location). With our relationship-based approach, we help you build recurring referral and revenue streams.

And you have the flexibility to grow your business as much as you like – whether it’s owning an entire region or transitioning to part-time as your business is up and running.


1. http://www.sbdcnet.org/small-business-research-reports/assisted-living-facilities



The Strongest Team in the Industry


A Right Place for Seniors put together the strongest team in the industry to support you and to lead this growing industry niche.


Leadership: Michael Kaiser, RN, and Emmy Kaiser, A Right Place for Seniors’ co-founders, are industry leaders who founded and grew four healthcare divisions, from start-up to multi-million dollar operations. They are repeat winners of the Inc. 5000 Award for “Exceptional Small Business Growth.” Together, they are responsible for A Right Place for Seniors’ strategic direction and long term growth.


Operational Support: Gemma, MBA spent years perfecting A Right Place for Seniors’ model and taking it to market with successful company-owned operations. She developed comprehensive tools and a proprietary system for running the business.


Marketing Support: With a team of top professionals dedicated to providing local and national programs, A Right Place for Seniors is creating a top-notch program to support franchisee efforts.


System Growth: Jason Wiedder helped take Senior Helpers from 3 to 275 franchisees and Assisted Transition
from 2 to 71 franchisees in 2 years.



Getting in Early


In franchising, we know that there IS such a thing as “better” and “less good” territories. By getting in early, not only will you benefit from the direct support of the executive team, but you will also have your pick of territory, setting you up for short and long-term success!


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A Right Place for Seniors

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