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$60,000 Liquid Capital Required

Join Huntington Learning Centers, the #1 Revenue Producing Tutoring Franchise. Start-up investment for under $100K, no previous education experience required. Huntington franchise will enable you to profit from your own talent and hard work while making a difference.

Huntington Learning Centers

Why Us



Hear from Shawn Livingston, 
US Army Veteran & multi-unit owner:

"As a business, if you follow the Huntington system and put in the time, your center will be highly profitable. The greatest satisfaction to me as a franchise owner is knowing that my destiny is in my hands—Huntington provides you with the support and tools you need, and the execution and the financial gains are controlled by you."




50% initial fee reduction – savings of $11,000!

To honor the service and courage of our military, Huntington offers a 50% reduction in the initial franchise fee for Active Duty and US Military Veterans.* This is a reduction from $22,000 to $11,000. 

Why choose Huntington if you’re a Veteran?

Huntington Learning Center is the #1 revenue producing tutoring franchises with an average of earn 61% more revenue than the closest competitor, and you can get started for under $100K; no previous education experience required. Veterans excel at Huntington because of their expertise implementing systems—investing in Huntington means investing in a system with 38 years of success. Additionally, Veterans value businesses that are not only financially rewarding, but also make the sort of substantial difference Huntington does.

Great learning yields top earnings

The reason our franchisees earn over 61% more than the closest competitor is straightforward—we focus on delivering outstanding tutoring. By doing this well, your profits follow. You’ll receive world class support, no previous education experience is required and there’s a low initial investment. Here are the at-a-glance facts and our story.



Our Story

Guided by the customer centric principle that great learning yields top earnings we have grown to nearly 300 franchise and corporately owned centers nationwide since we opened the first location 1977.   The founders, Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Eileen Huntington, still own and run the business and are proud to say that the average franchisee not only earns 61% more revenue than the closest competitor, but has also seen their sales grow by 32% since 2009. Our world class support, efficient start up and strong industry will set you up for a financially and personally rewarding investment.

World class support

Whether it’s delivering outstanding student results, utilizing cutting edge marketing strategies or integrating leading technology, we know what works, make it easy for you to do, and are always continuing to improve. 

Efficient start up

With our low cost and part-time start-up business model you can get up and running with an efficient use of your time and money.



Strong industry

One of the first things to consider when buying a business is the industry. When you invest in Huntington, you can be confident in the continued need for your services. Tutoring is a fast growing $4.3B industry that has been called “immune to recession” by the New York Times—parents prioritize their children’s education.

As one of our franchise owners recently shared, “As a business, if you follow the Huntington system and put in the time, your center will be highly profitable.” If you’re passionate about profiting from your own talent and hard work while making a difference, owning a Huntington franchise will enable you to do so; complete the form above on the right to learn more.

Contact: Darlene Viering, Vice President of Sales; Gina Elliott, Senior Franchise Leads Coordinator.

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Huntington Learning Centers

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