JAN-PRO Master Franchise

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$200,000 Liquid Capital Required

Let’s face it, most folks don’t dream of franchise ownership to be in “the commercial cleaning business”! Which is why JAN-PRO created the EXECUTIVE MASTER FRANCHISE opportunity, a unique two-tier model, which sets you up in a true business of SCALE!

Why Us


Master Franchisees in the JAN-PRO system don’t do cleaning, but rather franchise unit owners under their master agreement.

How well does the two-tier master unit model work?

The JAN-PRO Item 19 (Average Master Franchisee Performance) is a staggering $1.2M! When it comes to annual gross profit in franchising, our Master Franchisees ‘lap the field’ in performance. To find out how they do it, complete the Request More Information form below...

We give you a Two-Tier Mode with ...

  • RecurringRevenueModel
  • ProvenModel(since1991)
  • Great Cash Flow and Cash Control
  • Few Employees to Manage
  • No Build Out / No Inventory
  • MultipleRevenueStreams
  • Fast Start-up


  • Founded in 1991
  • 26 years of consecutive growth!
  • $425M in system wide sales
  • World Famous Brand
  • 135 Master Franchisees
  • 41 States, 14 Countries
  • 8,000+ Unit Franchisees
  • 46,000+ Customers
  • #1 in Category 10 Years in a Row! Entrepreneur Magazine

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JAN-PRO Master Franchise

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