Kwench Juice Cafe

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$70,000 Liquid Capital Required

Qualified applicants who are awarded the opportunity to own and operate a franchise will be provided with an exceptional business model, extensive training, and consistent, ongoing support from senior management.

Why Us

Our commitment to making the best juices & fresh fruit (never frozen) smoothies means that we search to find the best possible ingredients. At Kwench we shop locally for fresh and raw ingredients to ensure you won't find a fresher juice or smoothie. Not only do we choose ingredients that taste great, but we choose our ingredients with your health in mind to ensure that each drink gives your body the boost it needs.



Why Choose Us?

- Low Investment: Kwench Juice has a lower investment cost than most fast casual concepts.
- Low Royalty: 4%
- Small Spaces: Ideal Kwench Juice locations may range between 400-1200 square feet.
- Attractive Hours: Kwench Juice offers flexible hours for franchisees with most of our stores closing by 5:00pm
- Easy Management: Most stores can be run with five employees.
- Simple Menu: Our menu is streamlined and easy for anyone to reproduce whether you have food service experience or not!



Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be an individual (or husband & wife team) who recognizes the growth of the health-centered industry and wants to get involved, roll up their sleeves and really get connected to their community and drive a high level of engagement with their employees and the customers. This is a people business first and foremost. We want the franchisees to become the go to for health in their communities with a focus on the guest experience.



Consumers are demanding healthy on-the-go options for their busy lives and Kwench Juice began as an alternative for those who live fast-paced, life-styles yet want to fit in healthy living.


Training And Support


2 Weeks on site.


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Kwench Juice Cafe

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