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$60,000 Liquid Capital Required

At P3 Cost Analysts, we offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to own their own franchise business in the booming cost reduction space. This is a great franchise for serious business owners that want to achieve the American dream.

Why Us

We Help Businesses Monitor & Audit Areas that Often Go Unnoticed.

  • Electric, water and gas
  • Phones and internet
  • Waste recycling
  • Merchant accounts
  • Uniforms and linens
  • Managed print
  • Property tax


What Do We Do?


Looking to Start Your Own Business?

Our business is simple, and compelling.  Our franchisees help businesses realize significant savings on some of their most expensive bills.  And they do it without charging their clients any upfront fees!  Our franchisees literally sell a free service!  And they make money when their clients save money.

Our clients have nothing to lose by using our services and, potentially, lots of money to gain!

So, why is it so perfect?

  • It's a true home-based business, with very little overhead.
  • This makes profit margins very attractive.
  • Your hours are set by you.  Set your schedule for times that are convenient to your clients - and yourself.
  • It's a new, hot industry with comparatively very little competition.
  • Your business receives a percentage of your clients’ savings, building repeat, long-term revenue streams for months and years to come.
  • No prior expertise is required.


Why P3?

P3 audits a company’s bills looking for errors and overages.

Our franchisees offer these services to their clients.  But our franchisees don’t do any of the actual auditing.  Our team of auditors and collections experts handle all of the auditing for our franchisees’ businesses, while our franchisees focus on onboarding more and more clients.

We find savings for our clients in 90% of the audits we perform.

We make our money receiving half of all the savings we find for our clients.

These savings can go back years in the past and can last for years in the future, creating recurring, monthly income for your business.



P3 Cost Analysts Are Experts in Expense Auditing

P3 Cost Analysts is a home-based, B2B franchise model.  Our franchisees offer businesses the opportunity to save significantly on their 7 different categories of bills.  Our franchisees charge nothing upfront to find these savings and work on a contingency basis, sharing in the savings found for up to 5 years.  The P3 franchisee “day – to – day” is almost exclusively sales, business development and account management.  P3 maintains an in-house team of auditors and collectors that perform all of the operational fulfillment for the franchisees, allowing our franchisees to focus their energy and efforts on scaling their business.


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