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$266,200 Liquid Capital Required

Do you have a passion for management or sales but don’t want to put on a tool belt, climb roofs and do the dirty work? Would you like a piece of a $50 billion+ market that is booming right now? Solar has had a yearly average growth rate of 50%, nearly 10 times the national average. Did you know the real money is earned in the sale of a solar system, not the installation? Solar Grids™ is searching for the superstar who just loves to close the deal. We’ll handle the dirty work for you.

Why Us

Solar Grids™ is the fastest way to start your solar energy business.

Our proven franchise model makes it easy for you to focus on just closing solar deals, while not stressing out about running a business.

When you become a Solar Grids™ franchisee, you’ll become a member of a solar expert community, filled with a team of professionals who care about helping you become incredibly successful.

We now have 9 franchise locations in operation and we are excited to continue our expansion to bring Solar Grids™ to markets across the United States. Join our success!

Our vast amount of tools and resources gives you everything you need to become a successful solar business owner.



Why choose solar energy for your new business?

  • Record-breaking growth: Solar energy isn’t just any type of energy, it’s the fastest-growing source of electricity—experiencing a record annual growth rate of 48%—and projected to climb to HALF of renewable energy generation by 2050.
  • Recession-proof: The energy industry is stable and safe. Did you know one of the first bills people pay every month is their energy bill? Whether the economy is up or down, people will always need energy.
  • Freedom: Become your own boss, set your own schedule, work from home and earn unlimited income. Gain the freedom you’ve always wanted and create the business of your dreams in the solar industry.
  • No previous education or training required: You don’t need any technical degrees, professional licenses, or a solar energy background to become a solar energy business owner. All it takes is ambition and determination.


Why Choose Solar Grids™?

Three features that make us unique:

  • We help you run your business: We are dedicated to your success, which is why we’ll handle the micro-details of running a business like accounting, marketing, and administrative work. We prefer you focus on what you do best, closing deals and earning massive amounts of income.
  • One-on-One Specialized Training: In addition to our twice a week training from the owners themselves, you will also get private training and support as needed. You will also have access to the franchisee custom-built portal where you will have 24/7 access to all our tools and resources.
  • Multiple streams of income and additional cash-flow: Having a solar business isn’t just limited to selling solar systems. Franchisees are offered multiple income opportunities and can make extra cash-flow by referring investors or other franchisees, and participating in our company profit sharing pools. Each quarter we take 7% of our corporate net profits and split it with our producing franchisees!



Even more reasons you'll love your solar energy business:

  • Turnkey sales focused system. Our business model fast tracks you to success as everything is set up for you in our state-of-the-art CRM software, including a real-time database of pre-qualified leads. Prospects come to you!
  • Leverage our 10+ years experience in the solar industry. Our team of solar and business professionals will give you all the support you need to become successful. We have all the experience, knowledge, and tools, ready for you to use to your advantage.
  • Personalized marketing packages. You’ll receive a package of professionally designed and personalized marketing materials, such as business cards, door hangers, apparel, and much more. Not to mention, your own custom Solar Grids™ website.
  • Easy financing options available. We know you’re excited and determined to have your own solar business, and if lack of capital is swaying you away from this opportunity, don’t worry. We offer fast and simple financing options.


There’s no better time than now to get a piece of this $50+ billion solar market!



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