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$44,500 Liquid Capital Required

Splash Brothers is a progressive and unique franchise that provides commercial deep-cleaning and sanitation services for kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms in businesses that are retail in nature and open to the public. Splash Brothers is a franchise with low overhead and expenses, making it a high profit business!

Why Us



Welcome To The Splash Brothers Franchising Opportunity!


Hello!  Thanks for your interest in owning a Splash Brothers franchise.  We’re sure you have lots of questions, let’s see if we can’t answer most of them right here on this page.


Splash Brothers is a progressive and unique franchise that provides commercial deep-cleaning and sanitation services for kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms in businesses that are retail in nature and open to the public. We are not a janitorial service, focusing instead on providing the ultimate in sanitization, cleaning and grease removal.  Our equipment is easy to use, and the process is simple but thorough. We clean and sanitize floors, toilets, kitchen and bath surfaces and up to 4’ on walls


The truth is, what worked as “clean” in the past just isn’t clean enough today.  Germs, grease and bacteria need to be eradicated from public areas to prevent the spread of disease as well as provide the best customer experience. Splash Brothers high-end deep-cleaning and sanitizing system eliminates the germs, grease and dirt – leaving areas sparkling and safe!


Our clients are amazed by the difference they can see after just a quick demo of our service. They love having clean and sanitized space for their employees and customers. (We all know that if a business has a clean bathroom, we are impressed by them!) Splash Brothers, the cleaner solution, is the answer to the problem business owners face – we are affordable, fast and our proprietary deep-cleaning system provides a clean unequalled by any other!


We also provide a secondary income stream in selling paper products such as hand soap,  paper towels and other supplies to those very same customers.


Are you an ideal candidate for the Splash Brothers franchise experience? Do you want to be part of this contemporary, mobile-based business with unparalleled support? Are you ready to “be your own boss” but more than a little relieved to have help with administrative headaches and back o?ce chores? Splash Brothers might be the “win-win” situation for you.


Is franchising right for me?


  • If you are tired of working a regular job, with someone else dictating your pay and hours
  • If you are frustrated with the lack of flexibility in your life because you are always “at work”
  • If your job requires you to travel and you feel like you don’t ever get to spend time with your family…
  • If you’d like to create a better income and “be your own boss” without the hassle of dealing with all the details of creating and building a business from scratch…


Then being a franchisee might be a great choice for you.


How do I make money?


Splash Brothers is a franchise with low overhead and expenses, making it a high profit business!  Not only can you create income through your cleaning service, you can also sell paper products (paper towels, toilet paper) and soap as well to commercial businesses – whether you clean for them or not!


What’s it like, being a Splash Brothers franchisee?


Splash Brothers provides an exemplary level of service to their franchisees.  As a franchisee, you don’t have to worry about dealing with creating schedules, doing lots of cold calls or handling payroll and taxes.


If you’re interested in a business that allows you to


  • decide how much money you’re going to make every year
  • create your own schedule by working days, nights or a combination
  • have the quality of life you’ve always desired – more time with family and friends
  • skip all the ‘back office’ headaches like scheduling, cold calling and doing accounting
  • be confident of your services … and proud of yourself!


Then a Splash Brothers franchise may be right for you!


In addition, you’ll be the one deciding what your schedule is, how many clients you want to have, what types of clients you have and how much money you make!  So you’ll have support at the front of the process, with our demo appointments and support at the back of the process with our administrative support!  Our franchisees get to focus on their clients and their work.


We provide complete back office support, including


  • A Call Center that sets demo appointments for you (no cold calling required!)
  • Fleet Management software that handles invoicing, time tracking, scheduling and more!
  • Accounting firm to handle your Quickbooks, payroll and taxes.


All you have to be concerned with is going to your demo appointments and doing a great job!


Oh… demo appointments… do I have to sell?


When you do a demo appointment, you’ll select a small area of space to clean.  This shows the business owner or manager exactly how amazing their floors can look.  The difference is so incredible that many businesses will sign up with you based on just that alone.


However, it is up to you to close those deals.  We make it as easy as possible with the technique and products.  You will be the determining factor in how many deals you close, how often you clean at each business, and what your costs are.


But you don’t have to go it alone – one of our Corporate Trainers will come work with you for a week on demo appointments, helping you close and complete sales and start to build your customer base.  And remember – all demo appointments we set for you are “warm leads” who are actually interested in your services, not just a phone number and a warm body.


Does it take a long time to get started?


Unlike a “brick and mortar” business, you don’t have to go through the months of a build-out, ordering equipment and setting up a physical location.  This can sometimes take up to 9 months or more!


Instead, our goal is to get you from the day you become a franchisee to the day you close your first sale as quickly as possible.  Here’s what happens during that time:


  • You become a franchise by completing your franchise agreement and paying your franchise fee
  • You are scheduled for your Classroom Training in beautiful Knoxville, TN.
  • You complete your Ignite training through weekly calls with the franchise team.
  • You attend the Classroom Training, have your van branded, organized and filled with the equipment you need
  • You return home with your van – the call center has already been setting up demo appointments for you
  • You’ll spend a week doing demo appointments and closing sales with one of our Corporate Trainers
  • You’ll confidently continue building your business long after the Trainer departs!
  • The entire process will only take 30-60 days, depending on space availability in the Classroom Training and how fast YOU are ready to move.


What kind of training do I need?


There are no special certifications or education needed to become a Splash Brothers franchisee.  You don’t need to have owned a business or worked in the cleaning industry before.  When you come to your initial training class, we’ll show you exactly how to handle things – from the demo appointment all the way through collecting payment!


You’ll go through three trainings with us:


  • Ignite Training – this is the support you need before you open your doors, getting everything set up for your success
  • Classroom Training – this training includes time in the classroom learning how to be a successful franchisee, but it also includes plenty of time “in the field” working with real customers and jobs so that you feel comfortable and confident in your business!
  • On-Site Training – as we mentioned earlier, a Corporate Trainer works with you for an entire WEEK after the classroom training is completed.  They will be there beside you to help you close your first sales, do your first jobs and see your first success!


What other support is there?


We believe that our success is created by supporting you, the franchisee, as you start and build your franchise business.  Our goal is to help you be as successful as possible!


Splash Brothers support systems include:


  • A proven business model with high profit margins
  • A comprehensive, three-tier training approach with lots of “hands-on” experience on actual jobsites – including your own!
  • Administrative and sales support through our call center
  • A complete and concise operations manual that will provide the day-to-day specifics you need to operate
  • Software that will manage the scheduling, invoicing and time tracking for you
  • Ongoing support in the form of phone support, weekly franchisee roundtables, continuing education and more.
  • Dedicated territories assigned to franchisees
  • Purchasing Power to keep the cost of equipment and supplies as low as possible


Is it expensive to get started?


You can start your Splash Brothers franchise for between $45,600 and 87,600, depending on if you lease or purchase your van.  Not only will you spend less than with most franchises, you’ll be going on demo appointments and closing clients within 30-60 days, instead of waiting for months like a regular brick and mortar business.


To compare, a regular brick and mortar franchise can cost anywhere from $250,000 to well over a million dollars to set up – and you’re not making any money for at least the first 6-9 at a minimum.


Splash Brothers is a mobile, van-based business – we eliminate the high costs and long wait to get started in a traditional franchise setting.


Is there anything else I need to know?


Ready to learn more?  Have questions we’ve not answered here?  You can complete the form below to receive our “Am I Ready?” kit.  Our franchise sales consultant will also give you a call to help answer any additional questions you have and explain the franchising process in detail.  We’re looking forward to meeting you!


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