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$150,000 Liquid Capital Required

Grab a piece of a $10B Industry. $1.4M+ in corporate store revenue. We are the first ever hair extension salon franchise with a membership-based maintenance model!

Why Us

Looking for the next best business opportunity? Eager to disrupt an entire industry that is positioned for a shake-up? Introducing Xtension Envy - a private equity-backed franchise offering unlike any other.



About Xtension Envy

Xtension Envy was created out of an obvious need in the salon industry. No one was specializing in hair extensions the way XE is. Our unique industry relationships allow us to deliver an affordable luxury that had previously eluded the market. Our one of a kind facility provides the full gamut of services for your hair extension needs from consultation, to application, to color, to styling - all in house. We are the only hair extension franchise to offer that level of service!



Strength of Leadership Team

Franchisees can look forward to an unwavering commitment from our franchise leadership team. Our team brings a combined 60+ years of experience in franchising, multi-unit retail operations, salon management, and beauty training. The founders Scott and Christine Lewandowski have been successful franchisees in the past and know what it takes for franchisees to realize success. We built the system and support tools with you in mind.

Strength of Corporate locations

Our Scottsdale location did over $1.45MM last year and we have a strong conviction that our franchisees can do even better. Sounds like something you might be interested in? Give us a call today to learn more about single, multi unit and area development opportunities with Xtension Envy!


The Hair Extension Industry is Valued at $10,000,000,000. Yup, that’s right 10. Billion. Dollars! That’s a lot of money! Statistics show that nearly 40% of women in the United States regularly wear hair extensions.


For many women, the process of achieving the look they are going for leaves a lot to be desired. In most cases, women have to go to one specialist for a consultation - wait for that individual to order the hair and color combinations they need, and then return back at a later day to have those extensions installed. Typically clients have to go to a completely different salon for their cut, color, and styling.



On top of all that, hair extensions and the hair extensions industry are:

Expensive - Historically, hair extensions are expensive to get and maintain. Clients of all ages want extensions but may not be able to spend the dollars to have them installed.

There is no dedicated focus - Very few salons focus on hair extensions as their specialty. They are usually add-ons to their traditional menu of services.

No Skill Uniformity - To help ensure client satisfaction and extend the life cycle of the hair extensions, you need trained professionals to perform the installations.

No Guarantees - Most salons and/or stylists do not guarantee the hair quality and/or the installation.




At Xtension Envy Franchise, that doesn’t sit well with us. So we created a model that makes hair extensions an affordable luxury for customers. We also pride ourselves on being the foremost experts on all things hair extensions. At our facilities, you can be sure to be receive the greatest technology/cutting edge real human hair products by professionals with a specialized focus on hair extensions.


Clients pay a fraction of the traditional cost at the time of service. Maintenance of their hair extensions is included in our monthly memberships and financing is available, too


Xtension Envy is 100% focused on hair extensions. We are experts in educating, consulting, installing, cutting, coloring, and styling of hair extensions.


We offer only the highest quality hair extensions available in the market. There is ongoing training for all staff to help maintain the highest standards of service.


Xtension Envy offers a guarantee on our hair if the customer properly takes care of the extensions



Why Xtension Envy? / Unique Competitive Differentiators

Think about all the success being realized by franchise models that specialize in blowouts, the lowest priced modality in the salon suite. At Xtension Envy we concentrate on the highest ticket item in the salon suite, hair extensions. We are a true One. Stop. Shop. for all things hair extensions. We provide all the salon services necessary to ensure our clients’ satisfaction: consultation, application, ongoing maintenance, hair washing, blow outs, full color processes, and styling. Xtension Envy certifies stylists to ensure best practices for all services across all locations to maintain the highest standards of service. Our salons boast a robust selection of the best retail products available. Our clients love them and you'll love the Average Ticket Values, too. Not to mention, the recurring revenue from the membership model that makes the service more accessible to more happy customers. Xtension Envy makes hair extensions an affordable luxury. Members benefit from unbelievable value and franchisees benefit from the annuitized revenue. This also allows us to retain our talented staff because we can pay them more than they’d make at other outlets.



Unique Competitive Differentiators

$10 Billion Industry - Almost 40% of women wear hair extensions

We’ve taken the most expensive service on the salon menu and made it the primary service offering. Client experience and same day service is a big deal!


Very nuanced approach to the hair extension process:

Best technology, scalp considerations, and color mastery

Comprehensive and robust inventory of real human hair/ best hair extensions available on the market today.

Franchisees benefit from our bulk purchasing relationships

Hair extension Mastery/Expertise

Maintenance memberships create a wonderful monthly recurring revenue model

We provide tremendous value with the installation and ongoing maintenance of hair extensions and make the cost more palatable to consumers

All services under one roof, one stop shop for all hair extension and salon related needs

Great employee and client retention

Best in class vendor relationships to support all aspects of business

Leadership Team with 100+ years of combined experience in multi-unit retail, beauty, and franchising

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Xtension Envy

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